Why Some Marriages Don’t Work Out

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We like to believe that marriages are for life. We have a romantic notion that beautiful relationships last forever and that they are always happy. But if you take a look at the statistics, you quickly find that this is not the case. Not all marriages work out. In fact, in some countries, more than half now fail. 


But why is this happening? The process started back in the 1960s with the relaxation of the divorce laws. It actually became much easier for married couples to undo wedlock and start new independent lives of their own. 

The cultural narrative around marriage also changed. In the past, getting divorced was seen as a major failure. But today, it is something that happens all the time with regularity.


The following infographic provides some interesting insights as to why people are getting divorced. In many cases, the reasons are not what you would normally expect. Yes – things like abuse are a factor. But there are many more popular reasons for getting divorced, including falling out of love and generally being unhappy in a marriage. 


The infographic helps to dispel some myths about marriage and divorce that people pick up as they go through life because it adheres to what the data say. It is, therefore, a genuine reflection of the reality of life for many people. 


If you’re interested in how people deal with divorce, what drives it, and how much it’s likely to cost, then read on below. You’ll discover some fascinating facts and insights on how people try to save their marriages, and what happens when they go wrong. 


By Spodek Law Group Los Angeles

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