Photo by Yoshi Takekawa

Why The Outdoors Are Totally In

We live in the belief that every day is a new day. But in reality, every day brings back the ideas of the day before. Indeed, the fashion world has gone back to the voluminous sleeves of the 1980s and the flared pants of the glorious 1970s. Are designers really innovating when you can find your new favorites in your parents’ wardrobe? 

But fashion isn’t the only thing that is looking back for inspiration. Our very lifestyle has been turned upside down and back-to-front. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors finally abandoned the idea of migrating with the weather and started to build the first homes. The caveman became a houseman. And anybody who enjoys the feeling of a warm cup of coffee while watching the rain fall outside knows that we can’t thank them enough for putting the first stone to the sheltered and sedentary lifestyle we enjoy. However, the trend today is looking back and embracing the great outdoors again. Going outside is totally in. 


1. Outdoor and leisurewear are great go-to outfits

Everybody’s preferred apparel is a cozy mixture of leisurewear and urban freedom. Indeed, denim and practical sportswear tend to be the go-to trends for everyday fashion. You only need to think about brands such as Superdry that have encompassed our love for functional but edgy outdoor-inspired fashion. Indeed, the classic cuts and styles that used to be part of your everyday wardrobe in the 1950s and 1960s have retired. Nowadays, people have workwear clothes for the office, and outdoor-like apparel for the rest of the time. From waterproof jackets to smart and breathable materials, fashion paints the portrait of a population who is reconnecting to nature. It’s hard to tell whether our love for semi athletic wear is inspired by a desire to renew our bond with the environment or a great sense of comfort, but the fact remains that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like leisurewear. 


2. We want the outside inside the home 

We’ve conquered the elements to build houses that protect us. But, households have been taking back control of their artificial interior to bring back the outdoors indoors. More and more homeowners have created elegant houseplants garden to freshen up their space and purify their indoor air. Plants such as Aloe vera, for instance, are an excellent choice for humid environments such as the bathroom as they help to reduce the air humidity. Additionally, the need for sustainable materials and structures has inspired significant decor transformations, encouraging homeowners to prefer natural materials and recycled units for their house. 


3. It’s a big business area

Last but not least, the outdoor industry is an economic powerhouse that helps us to reconnect with the environment. Outdoor activities are tightly linked to environmental issues, as it encourages and promotes public lands. Almost half of the American population participate in outdoor activities regularly and generate a whopping $887 million annually. Not only do we love green spaces, but we are also keen to pay to spend money to make the most of outdoor recreation. 


In times where population and global warming are a threat to the planet, maybe our love for the great outdoors is the beginning of a green movement to protect wildlife. As we turn back to remember the outdoors lifestyle of our ancestors, we can’t help but feel that we could learn a tip or two from them when it comes to protecting our environment. 


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