Protect Your Home From These 5 Winter Pests

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

1. Ants

In the summertime ants can be an issue, especially if you want to spend time in the garden and they’re all over the patio and decking. They’re often at the bins too, fetching discarded food and spreading germs. In the winter, however, they can be a much bigger problem. If you notice ants in your home during winter they shouldn’t be there. 

While it’s common to see ants in your home in summer it’s unusual when the weather turns colder. At this time of year they are prone to building nests in your home to escape the cold and find a reliable food source. You will have to call a professional if you suspect you have a nest. 

2. Flies

If you encounter common black flies in the winter time you might be forgiven for ignoring it, after all they are so common you hardly think twice about them. However, cluster flies in the winter does indicate you have a nest somewhere since they should have died out. 

You can keep an eye on the flies and see where they go, this might lead you to the location of their nest, which is likely to be in the walls or under the floorboards in the basement. Otherwise, contact a professional who will locate it quickly and eradicate it. 

3. Moths 

Unlike the critters above, moths are actually common in the winter. Moths have fur and can stand the cold a little better. Furthermore, they have an abundance of food at this time of year in the winter garden. But while moths are good for your garden, they are not so good for your wardrobe. 

When moths get into your bedroom there’s a good chance they will get into your wardrobe and earth holes in your clothes. To eradicate this problem find out how to get rid of clothes moths forever with natural clothes moth treatments. Alternatively, use an effective spray or contact a professional. 

4. Mice

Even if you are an animal lover the last thing you want is to share your home with a family of mice. Mice in the home will steal food, make noise, and spread germs. They can be a problem in the home, especially in winter when they come inside seeking shelter. 

There are several ways you can deal with the issue of mice in the home during winter. You can buy humane traps from your local hardware shop or contact a professional. Either way the problem should be dealt with for the health and safety of your family. 

5. Spiders

Spiders may not seem like the most massive problem in the world, they are so common after all and basically harmless. Nonetheless, spiders grow in numbers during the winter, especially in the dry dusty spaces of your home where they love to breed.

Spiders might seem harmless and might even be good for your summer garden. In the winter, however, they can spread germs in your home and create an unsightly environment. Eradicate a spider problem with regular cleaning and pest control services. 

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