Tips on Writing the Perfect Love Letter

Who doesn’t love the idea of receiving a handwritten love letter? Something about it feels so intimate, personal and romantic. In this post, you’re going to learn how to write the perfect love letter, what to say, and how to present it. At the end of it, your relationships will hopefully be even better than it is right now. 


1. Insert Your Plans Into The Letter

Relationships are exciting in themselves. But they also require a lot of planning. It takes time, energy and effort for two people to merge their lives. And it’s not always an easy process. Long-distance relationships, in particular, can find this phase challenging. 

Love letters, therefore, need to include an element of planning. You want to get the ball rolling on the practicalities that will allow you and the other person to join their lives together and start building family (or whatever it is that you want to do). 

Don’t be afraid to talk about the next steps. You might look at whether spending weekends together is a possibility, or how you’ll both commute to work if you live in the same place. You can also talk about things like children and your money plans – both are important issues to consider. 


2. Make It Attractive

Love letters shouldn’t look like emails from work colleagues. Instead, they’re an opportunity for you to add artistic embellishments. Glitter, drawings, rustic paper and photographs are all things you might choose to include. 

You can also make the envelope itself attractive. But don’t just use something that looks like it was made solely for Valentine’s Day. Go for something original that means something to your partner. As for stamps, you can find out more on pages such as “Where to Buy Stamps Near Me.” 


3. Avoid Deification

Deification is a long word, but it just means telling your partner how perfect they are and making them seem like a god. 

When you’re in the throes of love, it can be challenging to acknowledge your partner’s weaknesses. But, guaranteed, they have them. 

Therefore, you need to apply discipline in your love letter. Never forget that they aren’t perfect and that calling them such may cause resentment on their part.

Remember, most people want to be in relationships that help to improve who they are as people. They don’t want to feel like they’re not moving forward. And they want you to view them for who they are. Keeping up appearances can be exhausting. 


4. Talk About How You Can Improve Their Life

Equally, love letters shouldn’t just be unabashed praise for the other person. Instead, they should talk practically about how you can offer value to their lives. Over the long-term, people get into relationships for the positives, not just the immediate feelings of fuzziness on the inside. 

Be specific in what you can do for the other person. Make a strong case for the positives that you bring and how these are going to lead to a brighter future. Let them know the areas where you think you can assist them, whether it is something simple like housework, or more intractable, like anxiety.


5. Let Them Know That You Can See Their Weaknesses

We don’t typically like the idea of talking about our weaknesses, but it is necessary in romantic relationships.

You need to show the other person that you can “survive” them for them to feel secure with your love. If they feel like they can’t reveal their shortcomings to you, then they will always fear that you’ll run off at the slightest sign of trouble. 

When you talk about weaknesses, adopt a neutral, matter-of-fact tone. Make it clear, though, that you’re able to cope with them. And, if the weaknesses are destructive, point out that you’re willing to offer support, resources, or a shoulder to cry on. 

Writing a love letter is about intimacy as much as it is adoration. Where possible, try to temper your message and add meaningful content. Random praise will come off as insincere and unhelpful at best. Try to avoid it if you can. 


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