Your Past Mistakes Don’t Define You

Life is hard enough without beating ourselves up. Alas, that’s what all of us do, to varying degrees, from time to time. We’re all got a past, and we’ve all made mistakes. There’s not a single person out there who had managed to reach maturing without making one type of error or another. That you made a mistake is no great problem; the issue comes when you keep on reliving the error. When a person does this, they’re letting their past dictate their future, and that’s not good. Below, we take a look at some of the common issues from their past people usually get hung up on. 



1. Taking the Right Path 


It’s kind of unfair that people are asked to make huge decisions related to their future at such a young age. They could be only 18, yet they have to kind of figure out which general path in life they want to take — and who says that they get it right? They haven’t even begun to live yet. It’s only years later that people realize they should have gone a different way. This can be disappointing, but it’ll only lead to long-term unhappiness if you continue living your mistake. You’re never too old or young to change what you’re doing with your life. Make the change. 


2. Financial Issues.


It’s oh so easy to fall into financial difficulties these days. We can just be living our life, and then, years later, understand that we weren’t living within our means. We fall into debt, which follows us around. It robs us of our sleep, of our options, and our enjoyment of life. It’s important to remember, however, that there are always things you can do to put your financial woes behind you. If you have significant debt, you can work with chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers, and start over again. If your debts are more modest, you can just tighten your belt a little, and pay down your debt over time. There’s always a way out, no matter how bad it might be. 


3. Relationship Troubles


So many people believe that they’re terrible in relationships — they’re forever judging themselves by how they acted when they were younger. It’s this line of thinking that prevents them from opening up and starting a new relationship with a new partner, even if they’re beginning to feel lonely. If you find yourself in this position, remember this: everyone goes through some bad relationships on their quest to find the one that lasts forever. Don’t call yourself bad in relationships…you were just learning how they work. 


That One Thing On Your Mind


Sometimes, your errors will be personal to you. You might be hung up on one thing in your past that is stopping you from moving forward. It could be anything, from behavior issues to substance abuse or anything else. The trick is to stop beating yourself up, and learn that while the past can’t be changed, the future is very much up for grabs. What will yours look like? 


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