How Using Zevo Has Made Humphrey a Happy Camper This Summer


As much as I love summer, the one thing I absolutely hate about the heat is the increase in
bugs! After Humphrey got a nasty, infected mosquito bite last summer that required veterinarian
attention, I vowed to do things differently in 2018. Thankfully, I connected with Zevo – the
powerful indoor home insect control system.


zevo insect spray


The Zevo Instant Action Sprays and Flying InsectTrap are safe to use around pets and have a surprisingly mild, sweet scent! Watch my video as I share my experience with Zevo and tips on how to use it in your home!

Use the code URBANREALIST20 here to receive 20 percent off on Zevo’s products!

This blog post and video is sponsored by Zevo. All opinions and thoughts are my own!


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